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Hydraulic Stone Machine Stamper Cutting/Pressing Garden/Plaza/Street Pavers

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Hydraulic Stone Machine Stamper Cutting/Pressing Garden/Plaza/Street Pavers

Hydraulic stone stamper recycles granite/marble waste or leftover from countertops for making diversified patterns of paving stones. Its useful working length is about 400mm with 200mm lifting stroke. The hydraulic pressure of the machine can reach 40 Ton. It can split the stone into two pieces to make cladding stone and wall stones with natural faces.  The machine is equipped with high quality engine for long service life and its longiverty is about 15 years. There are some different moulds (dies) for the stone pressing machine, you can choose it flexibly. The hydraulic stone pressing machine with outstanding cost performance and high efficiency has won trust and reputation from our customers.


1,Hydraulic Stone Stamper
2,Automatic System with Easy Operation and Efficiency
3,Making Pavers for Plaza,Street, Garden, etc.
4,Max. Working Length: 400mm
5,Hydraulic Pressure: 40 Ton
6,Lifting Stroke: 200mm
7,Longiverty: 15 years
8,warranty: one year

stamping machine (2)

stamping machine (14)

Stone Range of Application
granite, marble, sandstone, quartz, limestone and so on

Pressing diversified patterns of paving stones

ModelCP90 (20T)CP90 (40T)CP90 (SA)CP90 (FA)
Hydraulic Pressure20Mpa20Mpa20Mpa20Mpa
Spitting Power20T40T40T40T
Electric Motor Power4kw7.5kw7.5kw9kw
Max Slab stamping size30*30*3cm30*30*5cm30*30*8cm30*30*8cm
Max splitting Length (cm)3035Semi-automaticFully-auto + air compressor
Max splitting height (Cm)1-55-81-51-8
Machine Size (cm)80*100*15080*100*15080*100*150230*95*185
Net Weight (kg)5005806501500
FunctionStamping, cutting, splittingStamping, cutting, splittingStamping onlyStamping only, consumption 1m3/min

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