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About Us

blog_item_02Xiamen Bestlink Factory Co., Ltd. is a company committed to developing, designing, manufacturing and producing all kinds of high-quality products

Professional company of hydraulic equipment.Our professional design and manufacture of stone processing machinery and mining equipment has been It is widely used in various fields of stone industry.

The BRT series hydraulic stone chopper developed and manufactured by us is in a leading position in China, which is specially used to add. It is a machine for producing various specifications of square stones, paving stones, wall stones, curb stones and other stone products.

Bestlink stone cutter adopts German hydraulic technology and French Schneider electrical components to fully ensure the product quality

Through strict quality control, stone chopper series products have obtained CE safety certification.

In order to catch up with and surpass similar imported hydraulic equipment in quality and revitalize the national hydraulic machinery manufacturing industry, 

Our team is being built into a strong team full of enthusiasm, rigorous style and excellent technology.

Our development philosophy: enterprises rely on talent development and talents rely on enterprise growth.

Our service tenet: unremitting pursuit of complete customer satisfaction.

Our corporate goal: to continuously build a well-known brand of Bestlink.