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Stone Block Pushing Steel Cushion Hydro Water Bag


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Stone Block Pushing Steel Cushion Hydro Water Bag
  • 1x1M, 1x1.5M, 1.5x1.5M, 1.5x2M, 2x2M Hydro Bag Water Bag Steel Bag

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Stone Block Pushing Steel Cushion Hydro Water Bag

Water pump working pressure ----30-40bar

500X500 pushing capacity: 75tons

1000X1000 pushing capacity: 300tons

Hydro Bag 4

This has happened in the marble and stone quarrying industry, specifically for stripping blocks from the mountain.

HYDRO-BAG has completely upset bench excavation in quarries.

The revolutionary aspect of the HYDRO-BAG equipment lies basically in the possibility of stripping blocks up to 1000 tons or more, without the need to prepare slots to house the jacks since the HYDRO-BAG has an original thickness of just 2 mm (0.08") and can be easily slipped into the wire saw cut.

HYDRO-BAG is simply a dilatating hydraulic cushion that consists of two sheets of high tensile steel coupled with the most modern techniques and that expands, under the pressure of water pumped at a pressure of 30-40 bar, permitting a maximum dilatation of 25-30 cm (approx1') and a thrust force up to 1000 tons.

Since HYDRO-BAG is, as mentioned before, 2 mm (0.08") thick only, it can be easily inserted into the wire saw cut, obtained by means of the well known diamond or helicoidal wire saws, of the marble block to be stripped.

It must be stressed that our equipment makes use only and exclusively of running water as a dilatation fluid, and not oil as for the hydraulic jacks, and therefore it is possible to say that HYDRO-BAG is enviroment-friendly too! Also from the safety point of view HYDRO-BAG offers the best guarantees: even in the case the cushion blows due to excessive inflating pressure, there will never be any deflagration due to the use of water, and not air, as inflating media. Last but not least, HYDRO-BAG doesn't require any maintenance for the simple reason that after its use (often until it is broken) it can be finally thrown on the scrap heap without regret.

As mentioned before, the thrust force obtainable by a single cushion can reach up to 1000 tons, but by coupling two or more cushions it is possible to obtain higher performances, if the cushions are side by side or combined together in packs

Hydro Bag 3

To summarize, HYDRO-BAG is a simple,versatile and economical tool that has revolutionized quarry block stripping thanks to all the positive advantages as briefly described above.

All this means saving from the following points of view:

* Elimination of the time necessary for the preparation of the slots of the jacks;

* the blocks of stone are obtained with their sections intact, without the breaching deriving from the above mentioned slots;

* total elimination of explosive;

* partial or total elimination of hydraulic jacks;

* less noise and dust deriving from the presence of pneumatic hammers;

* respect for the local enviroment;

* increased safety for the operators;

* no maintenance.

Hydro Bag 5Stone Pushing Hydro Bag (13)

A complete HYDRO-BAG equipment consists of:

1. Electric/Pneumatic pump HYDRO-BAG to create the pressure for the cushions

2. Safety valves and distribution valves;

3. Pipes, cocks and inlet filters;

4. Quick couplings

5. A series of HYDRO-BAG cushions.

HYDRO-BAG cushions are manifactured in 5standard formats, i.e.:

* 50 x 50 cm;

* 75 x 75 cm;

* 100 x 50 cm;

* 100 x 100 cm;

* 150 x 150 cm.

Specification Theoretical  pushing capacity net weight(kg)
2000*1000mm 600tons 20.0kg
1000*1000mm 300tons 10.0kg
1000*500mm 150tons 5.0kg
500*500mm 75tons 2.5kg
High pressure water pump(electric) 2phase,220v,50Hz 25.0kg
High pressure water pump(pneumatic)

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