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Square Cubic Stone Splitting Chopper Machine

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Square Cubic Stone Splitting Chopper Machine


This machine is special for making rustic cubic stone from oblong shape stone pillar with the help of the principle of its own gravity automatic feeding, equidistance to split the pillar into cubic stone bricks uninterruptedly, the machine is suitable for 10-15 cm width, free length of stone pillars, it’s the most rapid and economic small square cubic stone splitting machine

Cubic stone splitting machine (26)

1. The electrical control cabinet adopt the French Schneider, with internal layout reasonable and neat, and through the senor switch to facilitate rapid signal to make the movements of the machine consecutive and accurate.

2.The hydraulic system adopts from German Bosch Rexroth, providing sustainable,stable and sufficient power to the machine.

3.The motor is Siemens motor.

4.With intelligent gear cutting head, itcould adjust itself according to the smooth condition of the stone surface.

5. We can design a perfect stone cutting line from blocks to paving stone, wall stone, mosaic, cobble stone, etc, upon the demand of customers.

Cubic stone splitting machine (13)

Cube 20C Specification

Model Cube 20C
Splitting force (tons) 10
Max splitting width (mm) 150
Max splitting height (mm) 100
Hydraulic pressure (Mpa) 20
Hydraulic oil flux (L/min.) 31
Oil Tank (L) 100
Overall Size (mm) 1600*1000*1300
Net Weight (kg) 400
Application Stone guillotine splitting long stone strips into rustic finished wall stone, gravity feeding, automatic

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