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Hydraulic Stamping Machine CP90 40T stamping 7CM thickness stone

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Hydraulic Stamping Machine CP90 40T stamping 7CM thickness stone

Hydraulic Natural Paving Stone Stamping/Pressing Machine

1. Stone pressing machine
2. Max pressing thickness: 10 cm
3.40 dies provided
4. Automatic working
5. Low maintenance cost.


As a leading factory for waste slab and block processing, Bestlink has supplied the professional stone machines to many countries, like USA, Norway, Egypt, Brazil, India, Russia and Mexico, etc. From the feedback from our clients all of the world, the quality of the machines from Bestlink is getting better and better, and more and more clients are gonna to have the stamping machine and splitting machines.

With these high quality components, our machines get a high performance and has a long life.
What's more, the clients can replace the components very easily in his own country when any problem happened.

The latest model of the stamping machine has 3 functions: Stamping (pressing), cutting, splitting.

There are 40 different moulds (dies) for the stone stamping machine. Clients can choose it by themselves.

Model CP90-20T-A CP90-40T-A CP90-20T-B CP90-40T-B CP90(40T automatic)
Hydraulic pressure 20Mpa  20Mpa 20Mpa  20Mpa 20Mpa
Splitting power 20T 40T 20T 40T 40T
Electric motor power 4kw  7.5kw 4kw  7.5kw 7.5kw
Max.slab stamping size 30cm×30cm×5cm 30cm×30cm×8cm 30cm×30cm×5cm 30cm×30cm×8cm 30cm×30cm×8cm
Max splitting length 30cm 35cm 30cm 35cm
Max splitting height 1-5cm 5-8cm 1-5cm 5-8cm 1-5cm
Machine size 70*86*113cm 80*100*150cm 80*100*150cm 80*100*150cm 80*100*150cm
Weight 420kg 550kg 500kg 580kg 650kg
Fuctions stamping,splitting stamping,splitting stamping,cutting,splitting stamping,splitting,cutting stamping

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