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Stone Cutter Granite/Marble Cutting Machine

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Stone Cutter Granite/Marble Cutting Machine

The mighty stone saw (30 horsepower) model is compact, portable, and lighter - making the task of hauling much easier. This model comes with a smaller and faster 30 in. Blade for quicker cutting of your everyday stones. Effectively changing the stone cutting industry, this mighty stone saw has been designed to be safe, sturdy and simply low maintenance. Every aspect-from components to assembly-was designed to fit all the below criteria and do it at a reasonable price.

Delivery Time : Within 25 days after advanced payment 
Required :A 20ft container to loading this machine 
Shipping freight: should be checked according Name of Port provided
Warranty Period : One year for the spare parts

Technical Parameter30HP
Dimensions (L×W×H)3100mm×1600mm×1730mm
Machine Weight2040kg
Main Motor Power22kw
Electricity3 Phase, 240/460V
Water Consumption3m³/h
Blade Size750mm
Blade Speed Standard(Adjustable)900rpm
Max. Cutting Depth250mm
Conveyor Belt Speed(Adjustable)600mm/min-2450mm/min

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