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Multi-functional slab stamping machine

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Multi-functional slab stamping machine

CP90 is specially designed for changing the leftovers of slabs or tiles into amazing paving stones.
It could stamp more than 40 different shapes by different dies with hydraulic system inside.
The CP-90 machine have the output around 100m²~120m² per day,certainlly,if the operators have very goodexperience and skill,the yield will be much more,the machine have very compact structure,it is easily operated and maintained.

Hydraulic pressure20Mpa20Mpa20Mpa20Mpa
Splitting power20T20T40T40T
Electric power4kw4kw7.5kw7.5kw
Pressing size30cm×30cm×5cm30cm×30cm×5cm30cm×30cm×8cm30cm×30cm×8cm
Max splitting width30cm30cm35cm35cm
Max splitting height5-8cm5-8cm10-15cm10-15cm
Machine size70*86*113cm80*100*150cm80*100*150cm80*100*150cm


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