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Automatic Mini Size Electric Stone Mosaic Cutting Machine

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Automatic Mini Size Electric Stone Mosaic Cutting Machine

The mosaic chopping machines are the result of a very long experience, we acquired in the construction of this kind of tools.

The weight of each part and the relation occurring between them are fully optimized with the result that is possible to obtain a precise and effective cut just with a minimum effort.
Both of the machines are realized for cutting various sizes of stones: Tesserae, cubes& all the shapes desired.
The structure of both the machines is realized in steel, while fly-wheel and slides are produced in cast iron.
The diameter of the fly-wheel of teseus model measures 40cm; The diameter of the fly-wheel of its smaller twin machine MS-02/02E corresponds to 30cm.

Both the chopping machines are equipped with two blades in hardened steel: The lower one is secured to the structure and doesn't move; The upper one is driven by the fly-wheel and falls in a perpendicular on the lower. Our chopping machines are produced 100% in Italy in all of their components and special care is dedicated to the choice of very high quality materials. This construction process warranties an absolute strength and resistance giving to the teseus and to the MS-02/02E an extremely long life, almost everlasting! ! Both models are provided with a replacement spare blades.

Model NoMS-02 (manual)MS-02S (manual+stand)MS-02E (electric)MS-12(electric)
Splitting Force2 tons2 tons2 tons12 tons
Max Cutting Width240 mm240 mm240 mm240 mm
Max Cutting height65 mm65 mm65 mm100 mm
Power Supply002.0 kw3.0 kw
Oil Tank00030 L
Overall Size500*400*700 mm600*800*1500mm 500*400*800mm500*600*1600 mm
Net Weight70 kg 180kg120 kg210 kg

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